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Phoenix, Arizona is where we started and continue to build our relationship with the community by helping businesses craft beautifully made websites. We understand the community. When you’re finally ready for the best website design services in Phoenix, SugarFree also offers search engine optimization, social media marketing, hosting and maintenance. Our website design company in Phoenix is your one-stop source for digital marketing services.

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Responsive Design

Websites being available on mobile and tablet is no longer a bonus, it’s expected. All of the sites we build will be available on all platforms and will be responsive to different screen sizes.

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Fast and Reliable

Your website will be built with speed in mind from the beginning by using a quality hosting provider and best web design practices.


Easy To Update

We know making updates to your website is important so whether you are on Wix or WordPress, we make it easy to update your site and keep the design consistent!


SEO Optimization

If you want to give your website that extra boost and help your customers find you, we are there to support you every step of the way!

Other Ways To Improve Your Site

Using the latest advances and techniques in digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, our Phoenix-based team of web designers and marketing professionals are here to help you achieve your goals, build your brand, and develop an experience your visitors will love!

Design Optimization

The design of a website plays a huge roll in if a user will stay on your site or leave. That decision is made in under 15 seconds. If your design isn’t appealing and up to date, that could be the difference between a new customer or a missed opportunity.


Easy Navigation

An easy-to-understand navigation menu helps your site visitors avoid frustration and can help convert them from just a visitor to a paying customer.

Mobile Optimization

More than 50% of internet traffic is from mobile devices. A mobile-optimized website is essential to a successful website and is expected from your customers.

What We Offer

At our Phoenix based website design company, we take pride in our work by ensuring every website we build is top quality. We step in your shoes and see your site as our site. On top of our website design services for Phoenix businesses, we offer even more to guarantee you will have everything you need.


Custom Development

digital advertising

Mobile Optimization

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Responsive Design


SEO Optimization

Content Writing

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Website Maintenance




Graphic Design

How We Work

Research and Optimization
Starting Your Project
Designing Your Website
Approving The Design
Building Your Website
Launching Your Website
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Research and Optimization

This is the very beginning of our project. To get started on the right foot, you will fill out a form to share your business goals, vision and other information. We will also schedule a discovery call to gather even more information which ensures the project gets started off right!

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Starting Your Project

This is the moment we have been waiting for, we are finally starting your project! This starts off with creating a basic wireframe that will show you how your website will look and flow. As we develop the wireframe and you provide feedback on our design, the wireframe will start to look more and more like a real website. By the time we are finished, you will know exactly what your website will look like before it's been made. While surprises are nice, knowing exactly what you are getting ensures everything will be perfect and won't require any revisions of a live site. 

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Design Stage

Once the first phase of the wireframe has been approved and you understand the flow of your website, the fun will finally begin! We will start adding colors, images, and some interactive content transforming the wireframe from ugly grey boxes into something like represents a functioning website. At this stage, you will continue to provide feedback helping craft the design of your dreams!

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Final Approval

This is where you will be giving any final feedback on the wireframe and providing us with your final approval. Once the wireframe is officially approved, we can finally star working on your website!

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Building Your Website

This is were we will take everything we created in the wireframe and start building your actual website. Once the design is completed, our Phoenix based internet marketing specialists will configure any additional settings like domain, email automation, access, etc. If we have any other projects like SEO or marketing, this is where the process for that would start as well.

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All of our hard work has paid off and your website is officially live! At this point, if we have a maintenance plan with you, we will transition into maintenance mode, otherwise, it's time to relax!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for you to finish my website?

It depends on several factors. We design all sorts of websites and each one of them is different. They mostly vary in their sizes, elements, and features, which take different amounts of work and time to develop. Generally, creating a full new website ranges from 1 to 2 months.

What if I already have a website?

Our team of experienced web designers in Phoenix can easily expand on the foundation of your existing website with a fresh new desgin. 

Can I edit my website?

Of course! No matter what platform you choose, you will have full access to update and edit your website. 

Will you maintain my website?

We offer maintenance plans so you can focus on the business and we can keep your site up to date, secure, and make any changes you need!

What will this cost me?

It depends on several factors. For instance, different functionalities such as booking tools, the amount. of pages and the platform you choose will determine the cost. You can schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your business goals.

What if I dont like the design?

You don’t have to worry about this! We spend a significant amount of time constructing the design and you are there every step of the way. We build this design in a separate program that makes it easy for us to make updates and easy for you to provide feedback. By the time we are done, you will know exactly what your website will look like before we even touch your actual site!

Our Work

Take a look at how our website design company in Phoenix helps businesses build beautiful, functional websites their clients love!

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